Mosquito and Insect Control

Milwaukee & surrounding areas

Complete Lawn Services can shield your plants, shrubs, and trees from mosquitoes and insects.


Don’t spend another season scratching! Our mosquito control service targets larvae to reduce the adult mosquito population.

Lawn Insects

Insect damage in southeast Wisconsin lawns is very common. White grubs, sod web worm, and chinch bugs are the three main insects that cause damage to lawns in our area. July and August is the perfect time to apply this preventative insecticide treatment. We offer a one-time per season application that will greatly minimize the potential of insect damage in your lawn.

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash BorerEmerald ash borer is detected throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area. This beetle is responsible for the death of  millions of ash trees and proactive treatments are applied to defeat the Emerald Ash Borer before the damage kills the tree. Deciding whether a tree should be treated ultimately comes down to the aesthetic and functional value of the tree. We offer advice to help you make that decision and help you choose the best course of action. For more information, click HERE to see our latest flyer.

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